Found Drowned Fliers

Hey, this isn’t a comic. Sorry! I used to be in an instrumental band called Found Drowned. We played a lot of shows from 2013-2017, went on a ten day tour, and put out three very short EP’s. My friend Biff is putting out our discography soon on Tetryon Tapes. I have been digging through our old stuff lately and thought I would share a good chunk of the fliers I would draw. They all kind of look the same but they’re still worth looking at, right?

This was our tour poster. I drew that little aqua-demon baby on a flier when I lived in Fort Worth and liked the way it looked. I also put it on one of our tapes.
Manatee! Matinee! They both sound the same. Hilarity!
Cinco De Mayo. Napoleon. Hilarity! I love drawing sad faces next to 21+ announcements.
That is a depiction of Matt Reilly from Japanther. He loved smoothies.
“Screaming like banshees”
That’s a guy named Jake who worked at the Bishop. He was really into D&D. We were asked to play this show and said we wouldn’t do it if it was 21+. The other band was able to change the age requirement and that was cool. But like some shitheads, we left after we played. I had to work early and the other two didn’t really want to stick around.
Not sure what I was going for here. This show was cool though.
That’s Tom Guycott from the NES game Clash At Demonhead. I love this flier.
That’s Donald “Duck” Dunn from the Blues Brothers and various other bands. I think that day was his birthday.
We played this show in Chicago and I made a flier anyway. I wanted to mix up Jim Morrison with a hot dog. We drove four hours to this show and drove back the same night. It was wild.
Spew was probably the greatest Bloomington band you never saw.

Remember that photo Kathy Griffin holding Donald Trump’s severed head?

We actually ended up not playing this show. There was some snow and Gary was unable to make it up from Louisville.