Video Boom Screening “Maximum Mushbrain” (1985)

A screening series we host. We usually have a lot of funny people in the chat. You too could be one of those funny people. This time we are watching a TV Pilot for a well known "talking head" from the time. It's set in a Brazil-like junk sci-fi junk future. It's actually very entertaining.Read more

Video Boom “The Jogging Guy” (1987)

Screening the 1987 sci-fi action movie starring a famous one liner spitting action star, and written by a famous horror writer. It's buck wild.

Video Boom: “Dead City” (1986)

A reincarnated witch comes to the city on her motorcycle to bring her cloaked minions out of the shadows. It’s up to three reincarnated strangers to put a stop to her evil dancing and Ambush Bug worship. This will be streamed on Twitch. Feel free to watch and comment along. Feel free to make funRead more