Latest Past Events

Video Boom: “Dead City” (1986)

A reincarnated witch comes to the city on her motorcycle to bring her cloaked minions out of the shadows. It’s up to three reincarnated strangers to put a stop to her evil dancing and Ambush Bug worship. This will be streamed on Twitch. Feel free to watch and comment along. Feel free to make funRead more

Video Boom “The Jogging Guy” (1987)

Screening the 1987 sci-fi action movie starring a famous one liner spitting action star, and written by a famous horror writer. It's buck wild.

Video Boom Screening “Maximum Mushbrain” (1985)

A screening series we host. We usually have a lot of funny people in the chat. You too could be one of those funny people. This time we are watching a TV Pilot for a well known "talking head" from the time. It's set in a Brazil-like junk sci-fi junk future. It's actually very entertaining.Read more