Look folks, I stretch myself pretty thin doing a bunch of mediocre things.

GoGoGo: A two-piece punk band I play bass in.

I Text Brett After Each Star Trek TNG I Watch: It’s a comic where I transcribe conversations with my friend Dr. Brett Bays.

Monthly Movie Challenge: A long running event where anybody can submit a movie under five minutes that has something to do with the theme for that month. You should make a movie for this.

RAZORCAKE: A punk magazine I draw comics, record podcasts, and write for. Click here to search for my stuff.

Runtime: A local access TV show where my speedrunner friend Matt plays a game he hasn’t beat before. It airs on CATS TV in Bloomington. We seldomly do these, but they are fun.

Stolen Media: A Bandcamp page I made just to archive old North Texas punk bands. I get their permission and any money made goes to the North Texas Mutual Aid Fund.

Whatchubeenlisteningto?: A podcast I do with my friend Johnny Ketchum. We talk about music and painstakingly put clips of every song or musician/band we mention. We also have a Twitter page we update more often.

Video Boom: A monthly screening series I have been doing since 2012 with various people. We screen movies that never saw past a VHS release. Some are gems while others are laughably bad. The audience is encouraged to talk at the movie as much as they want. It’s a good time.

Video Store Boom: I started a blog in the vain of the Hardcore Architecture blog. I find rental store stickers on VHS tapes and slightly research what those store-fronts are now. Instagram

Vulture Video: A volunteer-run video store in Bloomington Indiana that has been bumpin’ since the 90s. I’m a volunteer and an organizer at the store.

Yokoi Kids: A Game Boy game-of-the-month club I co-founded and organize. We let whoever contributes any content pick a game for playing in the future. Welcome to everybody who isn’t a jerk.


Battle Unicron: A two-piece Casio Rapman band where we pretended we were robots. We have a split 7″ with Oxbaker you can find in most discount bins. We played two shows. One in 2003 and another in 2017.

Found Drowned: A surf-punk band I played drums in when I first moved to Indiana. We played from 2014-2018 give or take. We have a couple of releases including a Halloween EP. We released a 7″ right after our tour and right before we stopped playing. Buy one, will ya?

People Men: A two-piece surf band I played drums in. We were wild and my band mate Shea was fifteen years younger than I was.

Retro Spectro: A no-wave-esque punk band I played in from 2002-2008ish. We had one disaster of a tour and still played a show every year around Thanksgiving for a long time.

Skunky Beaumont: A punk band I played in 1999-2002. We were just lil’ kids.

Springfield U: A pop punk band that played songs exclusively about The Simpsons. I played bass. The band had rotated members so much that it was it had 100% different members when I was in it.


A thing I did that impresses most kids in their early 20s is that I did various voice-overs in the english dub of Full Metal Alchemist: The Brotherhood. No actual characters with names, mind you. Just various worried soldiers and upset scientist types. And a thing I did that can impress small children in parts of Indiana/Chicago is that I did the voice of Jimmy, a bongo playing puppet on The Music Minute. They aired in between shows on some PBS stations.

I did some little animations based off a local taggers art for a skate video called A Sk8 Video 3. I did artwork and edited the later episodes of the criminally overlooked Let’s Get Podcast.

I do not like cucumbers.