This was made for the Instant Gratification Film Challenge for March 2022. The theme was… something. I made this in under an hour. Enjoy!

I used a clip of music from the song Blood, Stone, Burn by Fuck It… I Quit.

This is probably one of the first comics I ever posted to the internet. It was 2006. I drew the aggro cupid and then decided to draw the panels as an afterthought.
Valentines Day 2006 was a weird one for me. The week before I told my friend I had some feelings for her and didn’t really get any vibes that she had any interest in that at all in return. On Valentines Day she called to ask if I wanted to hang out. I declined because Tyler and Liz, two teenagers I hung out with (and still do) thought it would be funny to take their 22 year old friend for a Valentines date. They took me to Tons Mongolian Grill and I never thought for any second that my friend I had romantic feelings for had any intentions of reciprocating those feelings.
At the time, it was hard for me to grasp any concept of anybody being attracted to me. The next day, immediately after I posted this comic, homegirl called to see if I wanted to hang out that evening. We did and ended up having a descent 3-ish month relationship despite my inability to catch a pass.
Anywho, enjoy this comic.
Most folks on Hourly Comic Day document their day. Always starting with a panel of them in bed. I have done this over the past years and enjoy other peoples. But I think it’s more fun to come up with a tiny comic for every hour I’m awake. I worked that day and was EXTREMELY busy. I drew a whoppin’ four.